Release lever adjustedThe original release lever must be altered if it should be installed into the Bug. We offer this part in exchange. Our lever is newly galvanized after the adjustment and equipped with a new guiding socket at the back.

Of course, you can also order a new throw out bearing from us.

And so you can find us:

Coming from the north:

  • From highway A7 use exit Hünfeld/Schlitz
  • At the traffic circle in Hünfeld follow the sign direction Hilders
  • After approximately 16 miles (26 k’s) through the impressive hilly and curvy Rhön till Hilders
  • At the traffic light in Hilders turn left (direction town center)
  • Till shortly after the church then turn left again
  • After about 300 yards (meters) turn right
  • Till Ritterschlucht 3

Coming from the south:

  • From highway A7 use exit Bad Brückenau / Wildflecken
  • Direction Bischofsheim
  • Through Bischofsheim follow directions to Ehrenberg then continue on to Hilders
  • In Hilders turn right at the traffic light (direction town center)
  • Till shortly after the church then turn left
  • After about 300 yards (meters) turn right
  • Till Ritterschlucht 3

Rear light of a volkswagen beetle

Bott automotive engineering works on the development, production and sale of innovative special parts for vintage cars, CNC services and the revision of Porsche sportscar gearboxes.

The offer of parts and services is mainly aligned with air cooled vehicles of the brands Porsche and Volkswagen (Porsche F, G, 914, VW Beetle, Karmann Ghia, bus and others).

Our main view is lying on Porsche 5-speed transmissions, gearbox conversion parts, reinforcemant parts like oilcooling adapters, intermediate plates, differential sideplates, shifters and others. Revision and optimization of old Porsche gearboxes (901, 914, 915, G50) is a further focus of our company. Beside this we support customers with CNC services and engineering of automotive parts.

Scheinwerfer eines VW-Käfers

Our experiences and skills in engineering of vehicle parts, usage of current versions of 3D software and machine tools as well as good contacts to further producers enable us to realize projects and customer demands in a very fast and professional way.

Like many other companies Bug@5-speed also grew out of a hobby. This hobby, since my early youth, is called “tinkering”. One of my first cars was naturally a Bug which was sold after 15 years. That was a few years ago and had to do with building a house, lack of space and time…

But the passion for the Bug didn’t die with that. This hobby is like a virus that affects one forever. That’s why a new model 1303 was bought and also equipped with the actual Bug@5-speed technology, (see also projects in main menu).

In our case there was always the effort to improve, or to further develop, instead of strictly tinkering. Parts, which are difficultly diverted from the original, should always be pushed ahead to production-like maturity. The first advanced transmission from the Porsche was implanted into the own 1303 almost 15 years ago. That time you helped yourself with changes of original parts or improvisations to equip the Bug with 5 gears. The result was convincing already then. The following years the offered replacement parts of today have emerged step by step and also the basic know-how concerning transmission.

Because I additionally worked with quality management and business procedures it was always very important to get the feedback from the users of this technology to constantly improve the quality. Meanwhile there are many Bugs on the road, hobby or everyday vehicles, which are equipped with Bug@5-Speed parts. The drivers of these vehicles realize the advantages of a 5 speed transmission in these Bugs. Additionally there are some real freaks who are finally able to fully transfer the power of their engines into the higher speeds.

For the future we are planning to offer further transmissions and matching parts for the Bug and others of the same origin. We additionally want to expand the technology concerning alternative “flatboxer-technology". Also for these we will offer further components in the future. We’re always thankful for feedback and ideas from the scene.

Rückenausschnitt eines VW Käfers