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Conversion parts porsche transmission 915

Conversion parts Porsche transmissions 915Type-4 engines with big displacement and other engines with huge torque take the transmissions of the series 901 and 914 to their limits. Everything that extends approximately 270 Nm torque will be damaging these transmissions in the long run. The scene, and I primarily mean, excellent motor builders and their customers demand transmissions that pick up higher torques and are able to pass them on.

A solution from known home is called Porsche 915.

Since we wrote the topic “transmissions” onto our flags, we can’t and don't want to lock out the 915 Porsche. We have used our experience through creating models and faundry to construct different conversion parts, which essentially simplify the installation of this transmission into the Bug. Our nose cone is about 20 mm shorter than the original. Furthermore, the upper edge of our nose cone is bevelled in contrast to the original. That’s why the boot floor doesn´t have to be adjusted at all, or only minor adjustments have to be done there (depending of type of car). Our cover is essentially based on the measurements of the 915 OEM cover, but is flat in the area of the axle. Consequently, the transmission can be moved by 20 mm to the front.

There is an individual affiliated front mount, that corresponds with the drill positions of the nosecone. However, covers and traverse have drill positions that differ from the original but they are compatible among each other. Since big output flanges are used in the 915 gearboxes very frequently, we have our own flanges with 100 mm diameters (Porsche 944-puncture-circles) been made.

Beside the front mount made from aluminium cast we also offer rear crossmember made from lasered steel with powder coated surface. This crossmember was designed for the 915 gearbox. It consists of the carrier, 2 aluminium blocks that have the surface shape of the 915 bellhousing and 4 rubber blocks for the horizontal and vertical support. This rear mount crossmember can also be used for the old aluminium cased 901 gearboxes.

We can also offer conversion parts for changing from pulled to pushed type clutch

915 conversion parts:

  • Nose cone: 355 €
  • Traverse front mount: 255 €
  • Traverse rear mount for 915 bellhousing: 149 €
  • Output flanges for Porsche 944-CVs: 308 €
  • 5-speed shifter 915: 380 €
  • Guidance tube for throw out bearing of VW Bus T3 (pushed type clutch): 69 €
  • High-performance starters 1,3 kW: 320 €
  • Clutch disc 228 mm for 915 with pushed type clutch: 179 €
  • Clutch actuator disc 228 mm for 915 with pushed type clutch: 149 €

Conversion parts Porsche transmissions 915



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