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Special parts for porsche transmissions

We offer mainly self engineered and produced parts, with which Porsche gearboxes can be converted, improved or adapted.

915 Oil cooling complete kit

We now offer a complet kit of a gearbox oil cooling system for Porsche gearboxes 915 and 930. As a technical enhancement to the plate, pump and Switch we sold in the past, we now offer you a complete kit, ready to install. The Installation can be done whilst gearbox stays in car (Maximum 2 hours of work).

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Differential flange 911/930

Differential flange 911/930 for Porsche 911 and Turbo 1984 - 1989, also other 915 (pre ´84) with fine splined differential. Fine spline 43 teeth, bolt circle diameter 94 mm. Fits 915 and G50. Technical equal to OEM-part 930.332.209.05.

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Magnet carrier disc gearbox 915

Magnet carrier disc gearbox 915Our magnet carrier disc for the Porsche 915 and 930 gearbox is CNC machined from high tensile Aluminium.

Replacement for OE part number 915 318 045 03, that is no longer available at Porsche. Disc is about 1 mm thinner at the bearing seat. Must be balanced when adjustment discs are replaced (under differential bearings). Magnetic sensor on the outside of the gearbox must be distanced about 4 mm due to stronger magnets in our disc.

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Gearsets Porsche transmissions

main shaft porsche 915We offer various gearsets with the most needed ratios for gearboxes type 901, 911/01, 914, 915, as well as G50.

All our gearsets are ground/lapped and by this they differ from those of most of our competitors.

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Ring and pinion set Porsche 915 8:35

Achsantrieb 915We offer various ring and pinion sets for Porsche gearboxes. The most wanted set is the 8:35 for the 915 gearbox. This set is of excellent Quality and race proven. It can be used with mechanical speedo drive and also in an electronic speedo gearbox.

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Differential side cover motorsports 915

For usage in motorsports-cars, or as replacement of the original OEM side cover of the early 915 gearboxes we now offer our own sidecover. This sidecover is engineered very solid and made from high-tensile aluminium (F53). The surface is being anodized.

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Intermediate plate Porsche 356

For Porsche 356 gearboxes we have engineered a solid intermdediate plate that reinforces the gearbox in an essential way. The bearings of the two shafts inside the gearbox are being held in position in a much more reliable way. Our intermediate plate is made from high-tensile aluminium and will allow you to give more torque to your gearbox.

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Differential side cover motorsports for 901/914

For usage in motorsports-cars, or as replacement of the original OEM side cover of the 901 and 914 gearbox we now offer our own sidecover. This sidecover is, just as our 915 sidecover, engineered very solid and made from high-tensile aluminium (F53). The product is delivered with anodized surface.

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Limited slip differentials

For Porsche gearboxes 901, 911/01, 914 and 915 we offer limited slip differentials. These products are made in Germany and are of high quality. They are reproductions of the legendary ZF LSDs. The rate of locking can be ordered between 40 and 70 %.

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Gearbox conversion kit 916 for porsche 914

The gearboxes of the type 901 and 914 reach their limit of load at a small rate of torque. Primarily this type of gearbox was released for torques of maximum 250 Nm. Our long experience has proven the limit of load at a maximum of about 270 Nm if some reinforcements are made. That´s the reason why we have engineered a solution for our Porsche 914 customers, who plan to install more powerful engines into their cars, by installing a 915 gearbox.

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Intermediate plate for gearbox 901 and 914 with oil cooling access

Porsche gearboxes of the types 901, 911/01 and 914 have a casted intermediate plate which supports two of the main bearings in these gearboxes. These intermediate plates are casted from magnesium and are not as solid as they should be. The bearings can move vertically into opposite directions by giving torque on the main shaft.

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