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Special parts for porsche transmissions

Intermediate plate for gearbox 901 with oil cooling access (for aluminium 901cases)

Porsche gearboxes of the type 901(Porsche 911 F-model) have a casted intermediate plate which supports two of the 4 main bearings in these gearboxes. These intermediate plates are casted from aluminium and are not as solid as they should be. The bearings can move vertically into opposite directions by giving torque on the main shaft.

Over the years, or if overloaded by higher torque the bearing bores change from round to oval. By this the shafts get the chance to move and the gearwheels inside the gearbox are wasted and destroyed. To countervail this we have engineered and produced a new intermediate plate from high tensile aluminium (F53). This intermediate plate encloses the bearings in a very stabile way and give them a much better support than the OEM part. We have engineered the plate in that way that the bearing bracket of the later magnesium cased 901 and 914 gearbox can be used. This bearing bracket is bolted 6 times instead of only 4 times as on the OEM part. You can buy the bracket from us or get it as a used part from a later magnesium cased 901, 911/01 or 914 gearbox.  Additionally this intermediate plate gives you the possibility to adapt a gearbox oil cooling system. We have placed two threads on the underside of the plate (of mounted position), where the oil line and an electric thermo switch can be bolted on. On top of the plate we have another thread for the return line of the cooled oil. We can also offer you a very solid electric oilpump for the oil cooling. Please ask for prices. The oil cooling is to be recommended if engine is tuned, or if car is used for motorsports activities. If not needed the three threads can be sealed with plugs (M14 x 1,5).

Intermediate plate for gearbox 901 with oil cooling access (for aluminium 901cases)

This intermediate plate is like all of our parts made very precisely. The original bearings can be used. There is no alignment necessary on the gearbox itsself. The gearbox has to be demounted though. Mounting of the plate can be done during a revision of the gearbox.

The intermediate plate is delivered in anodized silver surface.



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