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Special parts for porsche transmissions

Gearbox conversion kit 916 for porsche 914

The gearboxes of the type 901 and 914 reach their limit of load at a small rate of torque. Primarily this type of gearbox was released for torques of maximum 250 Nm. Our long experience has proven the limit of load at a maximum of about 270 Nm if some reinforcements are made. That´s the reason why we have engineered a solution for our Porsche 914 customers, who plan to install more powerful engines into their cars, by installing a 915 gearbox.

With our 916 conversion kit you get the chance to do an easy and space saving conversion of the 915 gearbox into your Porsche 914. The whole unit is a real sideshifter, that means that the shift mechanism is going directly into the gearbox from the underside and is not being turned in direction in the gear cover as with other systems.
That causes a much more precise shifting. The converted gearbox is not longer than the original 914 gearbox what gives you the technical possibility to install an OEM 914/6 exhaust system. Our conversion kit is even a little bit shorter than the 916 kit that was once offered by Porsche in very small quantity.

Gearbox conversion kit

The gearbox conversion kit consists of the following parts:

  • gear cover casted from aluminium (for mech. speedo or for electronic speedo)
  • shift actuator case (2 casted parts) with shiftrod, shift-finger, guidance shaft and actuator
  • support bracket (CNC milled)
  • shiftrods in gearbox and mechanical components
  • option: mechanical speedo drive


Please be aware that we need exchange parts for the conversion kit sent to us.

In both cases (electronic speedo and mech. speedo) we need the shiftrod of 1st/2nd gear and the shift actuator of 3rd/4th gear.

In case of mechanical speedo drive we need the OEM speedo drive parts out of your 915 gear cover.

Modifications to gearbox and kit have to be made. Speedometer has to be adjusted.

We can also offer you a complete conversion of your gearbox (delivered to us) whilst we do an overhaul of your gearbox. Please ask for an offer in that case.


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