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Special parts for porsche transmissions

915 Oil cooling complete kit

We now offer a complet kit of a gearbox oil cooling system for Porsche gearboxes 915 and 930. As a technical enhancement to the plate, pump and Switch we sold in the past, we now offer you a complete kit, ready to install. The Installation can be done whilst gearbox stays in car (Maximum 2 hours of work).

The OEM cover on the underside of the gearbox has to be demounted and instead of this our bottom cover is mounted to the gearbox.

The electric thermo switch ensures that no cold and semifluid oil is passing and destroying the oil pump.


The complet kit is:

  • CNC miled bottom plate
  • bracket for pump
  • electrical pump HD
  • bracket for oilcooler
  • oilcooler with rubber mounts
  • oil hoses high temperature durable
  • return plug
  • thermo switch
  • banjo bolts with copper rings
Porsche 915 Oil cooling complete kit
The complete oil cooling kit



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