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Conversion parts porsche transmission 901/914

5-speed shifter

5-speed shifterOur shifter unifies some essential advantages. On the one hand it allows extremely short throw, on the other hand the mounting into the bug is possible without bigger expenditure. There is a strong spring gate like in the Porsche gearshift in direction of the 1st and reverse gears. Additionally there is another spring gate in the direction of 4th/5th gear. This helps you to easier shift from 1st into 2nd gear, shifting down from 4th to 3rd is also easier. The original shiftrod of the Bug in the tunnel can still be used you don’t need to bend it more, since the shiftrod is almost lowered to the ground of the tunnel therefore it can no longer cause tension in the shift mechanism.

  • Short throw (55 mm per level)
  • Exact gearshift
  • 2 Spring gates inside
  • Easy installation
  • Lowering the shiftrod in the tunnel

Price: 350 Euro

5-speed shifter


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