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Sports shifter for Porsche 911 with 901 gearbox

Everybody knows the problem of the bad shiftability of the early 911 and 914 models. On one hand the long shift throw and on the other hand the unprecise guidance mechanism is what can be complained about. But even worse is the lack of safety in selecting the right gear. For these problems we have found a solution...

Our shifter can be exchanged 1:1 against the original OEM shifter of the car. It shortens the throw to a rate of about 50 % of original (throw is 55 - 60 mm per gear). It offers a safe spring gate in direction of 1st and Reverse gear and another one towards 4th and 5th gear. This keeps gear lever in a neutral position and allows an easy return from 4th to 3rd gear. This mechansim allows a quick and safe shifting up and down, even for the early 911 cars. Shifting in the wrong gear is nearly impossible.

The shifter comes with a powder coated body, a leather boot and an anodized aluminium knob in the shape of the original OEM shift knob.

We´ve engineered our own mold for the body of this shifter. It has the same baseplate and the same bolt pattern as the original shifter, so that it can be exchanged quite simple. On the other hand this body contains our own shift mechanism which enables the user to shift quick, precise and secure.

Installation will take about half an hour of time. Another 30 minutes must be calculated for the correct adjustment. Installation and adjustment manual is added.

Price: 549 Euro

Sports shifterInterior of the Sports shifter

Sports shifter complete


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